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Michelin ZX - Classic tyres for classic cars

The French tyre manufacturer Michelin manufactures a range of high-quality winter, summer and all-season tyres for cars and other vehicles. Special features of this range include tyres in classic formats that fit perfectly to classic and vintage cars. The narrow Michelin ZX since the 1960s is already on the market and is popular with lovers of classic cars still very popular.

The original for classic vehicles

Characteristic of the Michelin ZX are its narrow proportions. This corresponds to the previous design of sleek racing tyres. Offered in a dimension of 135 / 80SR15, makes the Michelin ZX optically good and faithful impression. The summer tyre corresponds to the speed class S and must be up to run at a top speed of 180 km/h. What owners of modern sports car seems little, makes the heart of classic car fans beat faster. Just like the Michelin XVS therefore finds the Michelin ZX still his followers.

Good handling and safe aquaplaning

The classic car tyres can also convince with good handling in the wet. Its tread design with corrugated longitudinal grooves ensures a good grip on wet roads and a reliable water drainage. The treads of the Michelin ZX wear out only slowly; Its longevity is the vintage tyres proves to be very economical. Just like modern summer tyres he owns temperature stable tread compounds. In addition, the rubber mixtures also meet current requirements for environmental protection and safety.

Fans of classic cars also rely on genuine vintage tyres like the Michelin ZX. Already proven for many years, which can Michelin summer tyres convince even today with good and safe driving.

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