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Michelin XZY 3 - a thoroughly convincing trailer tyre

With a Michelin XZY 3 of known tyre manufacturer has a powerful truck tyre developed, which is characterized by its high versatility in particular.

Shorter service life and improved resistance

The Michelin XZY 3 turns out to be ideal for vehicles that are used on construction sites. But this versatile Michelin truck tyres can also be used very well in steering axles of motor vehicles. So impressed the Michelin XZY 3 with its high mileage, which is due to an excellent section especially. At the same time you can benefit as a driver of the shorter service life for the vehicle, increasing comfort once again considerably. In addition, the Michelin XZY comprises 3 25% more rubber volume than its predecessor, which contributes to an optimized adhesion significantly with. Moreover, the reinforced side protection, which improves the resistance to injury considerably.

Michelin - tyres in premium quality

The Michelin brand is hardly an integral part not only of the European everyday. Millions of drivers from around the world appreciate the high quality and the excellent overall performance of Michelin tyres , so that you can benefit from a high level of comfort and a comprehensive stability at all times. Moreover the wide range of different tyre models, which includes, among other tyres for cars and trucks as well as for a number of special vehicles. Thus, it is not difficult to find a powerful tyre that meets the own wishes and ideas to a large extent.

With a Michelin XZY 3 a high quality trailer tyres on the market is available, which is distinguished by its particular versatility. So this model can be used for many different applications and convinces with its high quality rubber compound and the sophisticated tread. These not only provide optimized adhesion, but also to a very high resistance and a comprehensive driving stability.

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