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Michelin XTE 3 - a very powerful and efficient tyres

For versatile use on mainline and local roads was truck tyres Michelin XTE 3 developed. The tyre for trailer axle impresses with numerous benefits and is classified as a very efficient tyres. He has made a successful product from the tyre forge Michelin.

The Michelin XTE 3 - highly resistant tyre

In transportation tyre must then endure a lot, because they are exposed to a number of transverse stresses. Exactly this robustness makes the summer tyres Michelin XTE 3 so unbeatable and attractive. The carcass was exactly specially reinforced for these stresses. The sidewalls of the tyre are better protected and on the shoulders makes one serving Extra gum for more resistance to injury. Also convinced of Michelin XTE 3 with the highest rate of retreading for Nutzreifen. Especially this central element of retreading is in the Michelin brand in the first place. Thus, the cost of a transport company to be significantly reduced. Michelin's even on the factory Remix hot retreading process a same warranty as for new tyres.

A very good mileage

Was the predecessor Michelin XTE 2 already a very good product, the Michelin XTE 3 was significantly improved again. The tyre manufacturer has always been known for innovative ideas. In all Michelin truck tyres with the patented "anti-splash" are manufactured Ableitkontur. This brings more safety on wet roads, as the fluidized splash of commercial vehicles was reduced to a quarter. Take 15 percent increase in mileage of Michelin XTE 3 over its predecessor. For this, a more resistant rubber composition was developed and the tread has been widened by 20 millimeters. Also the profile received deeper grooves, all of 17 millimeters.

If you want to generate a significantly lower price per kilometer for its fleet, should be 3 rewatch the Michelin XTE accurate. Innovative materials and ideas have had a very efficient tyres arising.

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