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Michelin XTE 2

With a Michelin XTE 2 truckers get a quality tyre that will provide many safe kilometers. Its robust tread significantly reduces wear. Here, the Michelin XTE 2 retains its important properties even at a high degree of wear. It is suitable for the trailer truck in local and regional transport.

Excellent tyres for trailers

Trucks with trailers need a reliable tyre for enhanced stability and braking response. Michelin truck tyres combine different technologies to provide maximum safety during transport through. As one of the most modern trailer tyres of Michelin XTE 2 has an innovative system that the trailer enables stable road holding at high speed. Thanks to this feature the trailer follows quickly and accurately the steering direction of the truck. Even with increased payload remain direct handling and enhanced braking performance obtained. The Michelin XTE 2 has approvals of several renowned manufacturers of truck trailers.

For best results on dry and wet roads

The massive and deep profile of Michelin XTE 2 prevents injuries that can result from high payload and damaged roads. The hard, yet capable adhesion rubber compound is difficult to damage or deform. In this way, promises the Michelin XTE 2 uniform and significantly less wear. Braking power is transmitted quickly and effectively on dry and wet roads. On rainy days four wavy circumferential grooves provide effective water drainage. Thus the trailer remains perfectly stable even on wet roads. Thanks to the dynamic structure of the profile Michelin XTE 2 can be used throughout the year. Increased safety and performance ensure Continental truck tyres .

The Michelin XTE 2 promises a sovereign handling and enhanced braking characteristics of the truck with a trailer. Its rugged profile increases mileage and reduces the risk of injury of the tyre. Thanks to specially ordered tread blocks of Michelin XTE 2 can be used on winter roads completely reliable. Michelin also in the van segment quality tyres. Michelin truck tyres guarantee safety and increased performance in all weather conditions.

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