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Michelin XTA 2 Energy - optimal performance even under demanding conditions

With a Michelin XTA 2 Energy is a powerful and robust is truck tyres of premium class available on the market, showing optimal performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Robust construction and low rolling resistance

The Michelin XTA 2 Energy convinces in many ways: This is made ​​possible by the robust and sophisticated tread design of this tyre from Michelin , which shows an up to 20% better mileage compared to its predecessor. Furthermore you can benefit from the high resistance of the Michelin XTA 2 Energy, the most resistant to edge control and other injuries evident. Also in terms of environmental friendliness and economics of this model from Michelin do to impress: How stands the Michelin XTA 2 Energy with its very low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption and thus reduces operating costs. In addition, the truck tyre scores with its even wear what again extends the life considerably.

Michelin - a tyre manufacturer who knows to impress

The tyre manufacturer Michelin is appreciated by millions of motorists due to the high quality and the strong performance of all models run to a large extent. Even under very demanding conditions provide the Michelin tyres from an excellent performance and impress with its numerous good running properties. Thanks to the extensive testing at the manufacturing stage to ensure that the models can meet the most stringent US and European quality and safety requirements to a large extent self.

The Michelin XTA 2 Energy turns out to be a powerful and reliable truck tyres, which also represent strong rainfall or higher loads no problem. This is thanks to being provided in a number of operating characteristics and the sophisticated tread pattern with which this model made by Michelin. This makes the Michelin XTA 2 Energy not only very reliable and safe, but from the environmentally friendly and economical.

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