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Michelin X Multi T - a real all-rounder

With its many good handling characteristics, the Michelin X Multi T proves to be a truly versatile and running strong truck tyres . This all-rounder impresses not only with its high mileage, but also at its optimum efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Very good braking performance and high environmental performance

Even heavy rainfall or smooth road surfaces can the Michelin X Multi T harm. At any time proves this Michelin Pneu a very good braking performance and can be used perfectly at both close and long-distance transport. This is made possible by the high-quality materials and the sophisticated tread pattern of Michelin X Multi T showing an up to 15% higher mileage compared to its predecessor. The reduced rolling resistance can also benefit from the low fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions, making the Michelin X Multi T therefore environmentally friendly. The useful life of this model made by Michelin can also increase by recutting again considerably.

Michelin - a French success Export

In the more than 140 years in its history, the French tyre manufacturer Michelin was able to acquire in the world an outstanding reputation. This is the high quality and the strong running performance of all Michelin tyres owe that let the driver even in difficult driving situations at no time in the lurch. For so many unforgettable driving experience thanks to the high level of comfort and the comprehensive security thus provided.

The Michelin X Multi T proves to be a versatile and powerful companion who in addition to a comprehensive stability and security allows the driver a high degree of comfort. Both on wet surfaces and on dry asphalt the Michelin X Multi T is safe and reliable road, so that you can enjoy as a driver in addition to a high grip excellent traction and a high acoustic comfort.

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