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Michelin X Multi F - a thoroughly convincing all-rounder

The Michelin X Multi F has numerous impressive all-round qualities, what this truck tyres makes them particularly versatile. This is thanks to numerous good running properties, so that both the near and long-distance transport can use this model the French tyre manufacturer.

High mileage and excellent adhesion

Compared its predecessor, the Michelin X Multi F can with an up to 15% higher mileage come up, so that this tyre is recommended also in economic terms. This is complemented by excellent adhesion and good grip, even in adverse weather and road conditions, which is especially the innovative tread compound and the high-profile design of the truck tyre from Michelin is owed. On top of the high ride comfort of the Michelin X Multi F, which increases the driving pleasure again considerably. Moreover, this model from Michelin do to score well in terms of environmental, Thus stands the Michelin X Multi F with its high retreadability and low rolling resistance, which is very positive effect on fuel consumption and energy efficiency.

Michelin - great success thanks to optimum quality

The tyre manufacturer Michelin has always stood for high quality and strong running performance, even in adverse weather and road conditions. No wonder the company still attaches great importance to an optimum safety and comfort, so that all Michelin tyres with a strong performance and many good handling characteristics can draw attention to themselves.

The Michelin X Multi F proves to be a high-quality truck tyres, which boasts numerous convincing all-round qualities. So you can benefit even in bad weather or on uneven ground by a high level of ride and excellent traction. This is supported by high environmental performance of the Michelin X Multi F, which is due to the low rolling resistance and high energy efficiency.

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