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Michelin X Maxi Trailer - a versatile tyre for varied assignments

Mobility in all weather conditions - the promise of the renowned manufacturer with the Michelin X Maxi Trailer. And this is also managed: Even with heavy precipitation convinced that truck tyres with its high mileage and excellent performance.

High resistance and improved wear pattern

With a new Karkasskonzeption equipped with aramid, the Michelin X Maxi Trailer delivers anytime from a strong performance. So this offers Michelin tyres with its innovative and optimized rubber compound, which significantly reduces rolling resistance and thus fuel consumption. Similarly, scores of Michelin X Maxi Trailer with its improved wear pattern and optimized contact patch, which allows not only very good adhesion excellent grip even on wet surfaces. In addition, the Michelin X Maxi trailer is characterized by a very good resistance to injury, which is thanks to the padded shoulders and the rounded bead. In this context, the sustainability is again considerably increased, so that even heavy loads can be transported safely and easily.

Michelin - renowned and successful

The tyre manufacturer Michelin has been able to acquire an excellent reputation among drivers and experts from around the world in the course of its long history. No wonder the French group is still known for its high standards for quality and safety, and subjects the Michelin tyres already during the preparation phase of an intensive and comprehensive examination. Add to that the wide and rich range of different models so that all wishes and ideas are served.

The Michelin X Maxi Trailer of renowned manufacturers from France presented a very powerful and reliable truck tyre which delivers a convincing performance even in difficult driving situations. In addition to a very good adhesion, this is expressed in an excellent grip and high mileage, which increases driving pleasure once again to a considerable extent.

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