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Michelin X Ice XI2 - even in freezing temperatures safe on the road

The Michelin X Ice XI2 impressed with its numerous good running properties, which ensure even at freezing temperatures for a completely safe and comfortable ride. As with the test winners of Continental untroubled driving pleasure is guaranteed.

Improved traction and low rolling resistance

The French tyre manufacturer Michelin has always been known for its high-quality tyres. The Michelin X Ice XI2 he now presents a car high-performance tyres , which can cope with even extremely low temperatures. Particularly noteworthy is the improved traction on snow and ice, which is achieved thanks to the sophisticated tread pattern of Michelin X Ice XI2. Furthermore, this tyre for the winter to a very low rolling resistance, which ensures a significantly lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions at the same time. The rubber compound consists among other things of silica, which guarantees on dry and wet roads increased grip. In addition, the directional tread design help to quickly drain the water and to reduce the risk of aquaplaning significantly. Due to the high rigidity of the tread blocks of the Michelin X Ice XI2 also has a large steering precision.

Michelin - performance tyres that meet the highest demands

The French manufacturer Michelin has long since become one of the most important companies on the international tyre market. Million customers worldwide appreciate the wide range of Michelin tyres , meet the highest standards. Since time immemorial, the world group in the manufacture of its products is based on the latest technologies, which directly affects the quality of Michelin tyres.

The Michelin X Ice XI2 the excellent reputation of the famous manufacturer from France is once again confirmed. This winter tyre scores with its sophisticated tread pattern which not only ensures excellent grip and superior traction, but also for a high steering precision even under extreme winter road and weather conditions.

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