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Your 4 Michelin Pro4 tyres options

Within the Michelin Pro4 range of tyres are four determined options, which include the Pro4 Endurance. This is an excellent training-inclined tyre that is just a bit heavier and robust than its companions, but they all share the inherent Michelin essentials. Apart from the basic design, they include the beads and other advantages that combine to make great Michelin Pro4 tyres.

Next in line is the ‘standard’ Pro4, also known as the Pro4 Service Course. This is a versatile Michelin that will support your training routines, racing passions and a lot more. It’s available in various sizes and will even satisfy those who are tyre fashion-conscious!

Number three on the list is the Michelin Pro4 Comp Service Course, which offers an increased thread count casing over the standard SC, but still, boasts a puncture-resistant belt. It’s for the rider who wants the best for performance-related activities, such as racing but not be confined to it!

Coming in at number four in the Michelin Pro 4 tyres list is the speedster, and in-your-face Service Course Comp Limited. This product offers the high thread count casing advantage without a puncture belt, but with the least rolling resistance.

New Michelin Pro-4 tyres trio

Following the introduction of the Michelin Pro-4 Service Course; three new Pro-4 tyres have been launched; they are the 150tpi Comp, a bad-weather Grip, and a tubular version. The Pro4 Comp offers a 150tpi nylon casing, claimed by the manufacturer to possess the "highest thread count ever" for any bike tire with a nylon casing. In comparison, cotton-casing tyres frequently run in the mid-200tpi region, but as cotton is a fibre thinner than nylon, Michelin believes this is not a supported comparison.

On that topic, whilst Michelin acknowledges that a natural cotton material offers greater flexibility, they have opted for nylon due to its greater durability factor. Adding to the efficiency of the “Comp” version Michelin Pro-4 tyres is rubber on top of the 150tpi nylon casing. This, similar to the Pro4, has a profile with a slightly raised centre.

The new casing, however, is claimed by Michelin to be more efficient than the Pro4, by 7 percent, and lighter. Comparatively, the Michelin Pro-4 Comp weighs in at 180g, and the Pro-4 at 220g, with its 110tpi casing. Therefore, it could be destined for service as a durable race tyre, and combine the best of both tyre worlds.

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