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Michelin Latitude Tour

SUVs inspire with their performance in the field. Thus they make a good impression even on the road, they must be equipped with high-quality tyres like the Michelin Latitude Tour. This tyre is suitable for all sporting SUVs, which reach on the asphalt impressive performances. Its outstanding properties are due to the innovative Michelin technology.

High Performance for SUVs on the asphalt

tyre brands such as Michelin to invest a lot in developing high performance tyre for SUVs. These tyres will not only increase the performance in the field. Since moving most drivers with their SUVs nowadays predominantly on the road, designed Michelin summer tyres, which gives these vehicles a sporty character on the road. Talking about the Michelin Latitude Tour. It is the result of a long development phase, which included numerous tests on race tracks and on public roads. The Michelin Latitude Tour is a safe SUV tyres which, like other Michelin tyres also, all European standards met.

Michelin Latitude Tour: comfort and safety for SUVs

The Michelin Latitude Tour convinces with a long life and a more comfortable ride. Michelin promises that up to 5% less road noise and 6% less vibration in the cab are noticeable with this tyre. An important property because broad SUV tyres often have a high noise level. The tread compound "Terrain-proof", which was originally developed for use on construction sites, ensures a long service life. Stable grip fins are responsible for increased safety on wet asphalt. They also increase steering precision and enhance the braking performance. A deformable and stable architecture of the Michelin Latitude Tour increases the ground contact area, thereby increasing the cornering stability.

SUVs can now reach on the asphalt excellent performance. The Michelin Latitude Tour increases stability, provides a more comfortable ride and brings the SUV during emergency braking quickly to a halt. The proven Michelin quality is also in SUV winter tyres contain this brand.

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