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Michelin Energy Saver Plus - high mileage thanks to innovative technology

The Michelin Energy Saver Plus the world famous tyre manufacturers from France presented a completely convincing summer tyres that impressively confirms the excellent reputation of the brand.

Low fuel consumption and comprehensive security

The Michelin Energy Saver Plus convinces with its high efficiency and comprehensive security. This model from the popular series Michelin Energy Saver is equipped with the new patented rubber compound Eco-Grip Compound, providing at the molecular level for less heating and therefore more fuel savings of up to 60 liters thanks to the additional link. By optimizing the cohesion of all the molecules of the driver can also benefit from a higher durability of the Michelin Energy Saver Plus. Also contributing to this new sub-layer rubber in with that again reduces rolling resistance considerably. In terms of safety the Michelin Energy Saver is convincing advantage: Thanks to the enlarged contact patch motorists enjoys better adhesion and on wet and dry roads safe and comfortable way.

Michelin - the renowned global players from France

tyres from Michelin are hardly indispensable not only from the French daily. Long time, the high quality models of the world group will be delivered worldwide in all countries and convince again and again in tests of various journals. No wonder the company has from France but on a more than 120-years of experience in the manufacture of tyres and makes numerous product innovations always attracted attention. Given the wide range, it is also easy to find a suitable tyre for cars and trucks as well as numerous special vehicles, which accommodates all requirements and needs.

The Michelin Energy Saver Plus the well-known brand has a quality summer tyre developed, who knows how to convince in terms of economy all round. This is made possible by the innovative tyre technologies, which ensure a very low fuel consumption and a comprehensive security among others.

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