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Michelin Enduro Competition IV, the right choice for the winter and spring

With a production of 190 million tyres per year Michelin has the necessary experience, a high-quality off-road tyres for enduro riders to bring to market. The Michelin Enduro Competition IV is a tyre which is not only suitable for winter conditions but also for muddy terrains. The profile of the high, spaced studs provides good adhesion on all substrates.

The Michelin Enduro Competition IV is not only suitable for wintry terrains

The Michelin Enduro Competition IV is intended only as a front tyre, with its rubber mixture was optimized so that it still provides the best grip in cold conditions. This premium tyre has all the features of the Enduro World Champion tyre 2010. He is popular among Enduro riders because their profile of spaced studs ensures better traction. The offroader shows to be reliable also mixed up muddy terrain. Its tread compound is suitable for deep mud and loose sand.

The Enduro off-roader in the test

Michelin has brought out four products in the Enduro off-road series. In addition to the Michelin Enduro Competition IV of standing Michelin Competition V , the Competition MS and the Competition IIIE to offer. The Michelin Enduro Competition IV is the Competition V very similar, since it is liable for any terrain. In the test of 2007, the Competition showed IV particularly well on dry and wet roads, where it arrived on traction and braking characteristics. In both cases, the testers rated the tyres as very good. Even when driving stability and tyre wear, the tyres showed as well, where there was only one satisfactory grade in ride comfort and feedback.

The Michelin Enduro Competition IV is suitable for wintry terrain and spring mud, with the performance even on smooth surfaces shows as well, so that dynamic cornering and precise steering controls Nothing stands in the way. It guarantees good traction, stability and handling characteristics.

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