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Michelin Compact C2 - a new top product of the French manufacturer

With the Michelin Compact C2 of the excellent reputation of the French tyre group is once again confirmed. With its many good qualities, this proves tyres for the summer as a powerful model whose performance does not decrease even in difficult weather conditions.

Good wet performance and high fuel efficiency

Even heavy precipitation can a Michelin Compact C2 not harm. But the high percentage of tread makes this model so that one can benefit both in the wet and on dry surfaces besides an optimal adhesion of a superior traction and excellent handling. By asymmetrically designed tread pattern along with specific tread areas this is again intensified. Furthermore, the scores Michelin summer tyres with its high fuel efficiency, which is due to the low tyre weight especially. Also on the utmost comfort you have to do without a car: This ensures the minimal road noise, through which the Michelin Compact C2 distinguished. Thus, each drive is a unique experience.

Michelin - the global player with the males

The Michelin Man has long been known around the world and become the special hallmark of French global player. Meanwhile, the small, white-clad man stands for high quality and optimum performance, the failure remains high even in difficult driving situations. This is thanks to the high quality materials and numerous product innovations, through which the car tyres of Michelin distinguished repeatedly. The Michelin Compact C2 is only one of many examples.

With its many good handling characteristics of the Michelin Compact C2 delivers even under adverse weather and road conditions from optimum performance. This is thanks to the sophisticated tread pattern which not only ensures a high grip, but also for superior traction and optimum handling characteristics. In addition, this model of Michelin knows how to score fuel efficiency even in cases and thus proves to be in all respects as a powerful companion on whom you can rely.

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