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Michelin Anakee 2 - higher mileage thanks to innovative technology

Durable and strong and - as the Michelin Anakee presented 2. His numerous good running properties are due to the innovative technology, so that this summer tyre is safe on the road, without having to give up a high level of comfort.

Improved grip and optimal traction

The fact that the French tyre manufacturer knows his craft, has long been known among drivers around the world. With a Michelin Anakee 2 he reiterates a powerful and high-quality summer tyres on the market that can boast in all weather conditions with high mileage. In addition, these scores Pneu Michelin with its enhanced grip, which is also due to the high silica rubber compound. In this context, the manufacturer also benefits his wide experience from racing, the technologies and materials for the production of Michelin Anakee were 2 used. Even on wet surfaces convinced this model made by Michelin, therefore having an optimal braking and cornering and remain nothing to be desired in terms of traction.

Michelin - a global player from France

The brand with the little white male is hardly an indispensable part of the international tyre market. Long ago, the company has developed from France one of the major companies in this sector and supplies its high quality models long since countless countries across the globe. All the Michelin tyres are characterized by a very high quality as well as optimal performance that does not let even under adverse weather and road conditions.

With a Michelin Anakee 2 to acquire a running strong summer tyre which is traveling well and safe in all weather conditions. This is thanks to the high quality rubber compound and the sophisticated tread pattern which results inter alia in a higher mileage and a significantly improved grip and optimum traction.

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