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Metzeler Racetec Rain - a tyre, with which one can win races

tyres are well at a distance to a vehicle, which is exposed to the highest loads the component. At the same time, the tyre also have a decisive influence on driving safety. Very good performance in these areas are essential to conventional road transport - even higher but the claims are in racing. Because here decide the tyres not only victory or defeat, but must also ensure safety at high speeds. This applies to both dry race conditions as well as in wet races. With the series Metzeler Racetec Rain the manufacturer has a motorcycle tyre designed specifically for racing in wet conditions.

Secure race in difficult weather conditions

In the series Metzeler Racetec Rain is a rain tyre that is intended for use on the racetrack. For this reason, the words "NHS" is observed. This abbreviation stands for "Not for Highway Use", which means that the summer tyres must not be driven on public roads. Important in a rain tyre for racing is the profile. This water must effectively dissipate even at the highest speeds, while ensuring a very good road. And so does the Metzeler Racetec Rain.

Safety at a high level when Metzeler Racetec Rain

Available are the tyres of series Metzeler Racetec Rain in the cross sections 160/60 R17, 180/55 R17 and 190/60 R70. A special feature is the model with the cross-section 120/70 R17. This is specifically designed for use on the front axle. All Metzeler tyres are provided with the identifier K1 or K2. This means that the tyres meet the safety standard of Ferrari.

Metzeler Racetec Rain is rain tyres specifically for track use in wet conditions. Through their profile, it allows high speeds with optimum drainage. In this way, the tyre has at all times the highest possible liability on the racetrack.

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