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Meteor Cruiser IS12 - a reliable companion for the summer

By Meteor Cruiser IS12 obtained a reliable and qualitative summer tyre which is convincing thanks to its good performance and the numerous positive operating characteristics in many ways.

Good grip and low rolling noise

The Meteor Cruiser IS12 is also in adverse weather and road conditions of its good side. This expresses itself in a good grip and in a superior traction through which this summer tyres of Meteor distinguished. is Furthermore, you can look forward as well as motorists on the low road noise, so even provided on longer journeys for a high comfort. In addition, the Meteor Cruiser IS12 is characterized by a high resistance to abrasion, so that this model can score economy also matters. For a real driving pleasure as well as convenience and comprehensive security is thus ensured in any case.

Meteor - a tyre specialist from Lower Saxony

Founded in 1951, the production of the Meteor Rubber Works was initially included in the resin before the company took lodgings in Hildesheim. There is Meteor find even today, in addition, there are other production such as in Worbis in Thuringia. The manufacturer is known for its powerful models, which are characterized by a high quality and good performance. Thanks to the comprehensive test already during the preparation phase, the Meteor tyres can also be the most stringent US and European safety and quality standards requirements.

By Meteor Cruiser IS12 to be safe and comfortable in any case on the go. This ensure the many good handling characteristics, so you can enjoy as a car driver on a good performance and high mileage. This is reflected among other things in an optimal abrasion resistance as well as in a good handling and a superior traction - properties that remain high even in bad weather.

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