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Maxxis Hookworm tyre

The brand Maxxis is here with its new addition of hookworm tyre in its product list. This time it brings original urban assault tyres for most of the aggressive bikes. You can see a 70a hard and tough compound which is black. The purpose of this feature is to make your ride less stressful on a revamp or flat roads. Through the horizontally aligned grooves, the braking traction and acceleration accomplish.

Why should you buy it?

These Maxxis hookworm tyres have engineered intelligently for optimizing the tread design from analogous to motorbike racing tyres. In addition to this feature, it also permits traction in high lean scenarios. Just like Maxxis refuse tyre, this one also attributes bead to bead protection for puncture. In this manner, it proffers you extra traction so that you can balance yourself on grinding rails.

The pressure of Maxxis tyre hookworm rates at 110 PSI by which you can ride fast even on uneven roads. In addition to it, it minimizes the risk of pinch flats. It also knows how to absorb 90-degree impact with perfection on high pressures. Other than this, the brake slides of hookworm Maxxis does not ask you to exert extra force. Thus, it can control quickly within seconds. Since the knob is somewhat circular even, then it lets you maintain the balance soon.

Maxxis Hookworm price

If we compare the Maxxis hookworm price with the tyres mentioned above of Maxxis brand, it is comparatively cheap. Although, it does not mean this company has lessened the quality of this tyre. However, it is offering the same high-grade quality in hookworm tyres too.

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