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Maxxis AP2 All Season Tyres

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Maxxis AP2 All Season Tyre

The Maxxis is the relatively new brand of tyres when compared to the older and bigger brands in the field. However, even in a short amount of time, they have churned out great products that are durable and handle pressure extremely well.

Go extra mile with Benefits of Tyre Maxxis AP2 All Season

The Maxxis AP2 All Season tyre uses a softer rubber compound for its outer lining. This compound makes it easier for the tyres to hold their own against the harshness of Mother Nature. While on the roads, it was found that the tyres had an exceptional grip on snowy roads due to is soft rubber compound, however, on wet and dry roads, it did not perform up to expectation as there were some inconsistencies in its braking distance on those roads. The tyre Maxxis AP2 All Season is soft hence; it feels a bit wobbly once you reach a certain high speed.

Keep rolling all season at an affordable price

If you like to stay low on budget and cannot afford tyres now and then, then the Maxxis All Season is definitely for you. It is compatible with every season and will go well with any climate especially a snowy climate. The prices are also very reasonable, so it is pocket-friendly. 

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