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Marangoni Mythos - a summer tyre with top performance

Thanks to its numerous good handling The Marangoni Mythos delivers a top performance, thus proving to be a quality summer tyre from the ultra high performance segment.

Excellent handling and high aquaplaning resistance

The name does not promise too much: The Marangoni Mythos proves to be a high performance tyre from the ultra high performance segment, and scores with its many good handling characteristics. This is particularly the elaborately designed and unidirectional tread pattern of this tyres Marangoni owe, which is provided with numerous sipes and wide grooves. Thus, this model boasts a quick and effective water drainage and high aquaplaning resistance. In addition, the Marangoni Mythos convinces with its short braking distances on dry roads and the excellent handling, which does not decrease even in heavy rainfall. The low pass-by noise increases comfort during each trip again considerably.

Marangoni - tyres easily convince

The tyre manufacturer Marangoni developed and for over 60 years and manufactures high-quality models that convince even the most demanding customers. No wonder, all may yet Marangoni tyres with high quality and excellent performance boast so many unforgettable experience is guaranteed. Thanks to intensive research and development work, the tyres are also continuously optimized and improved and can draw attention to themselves with major product innovations. Moreover the wide range of models, so it is easy to find a suitable tyre that meets the personal needs and requirements.

The Marangoni Mythos the Italian tyre manufacturer from Rovereto presents again a powerful Pneu for the summer, which makes its name. Thanks to the elaborately designed profile, this model made by Marangoni over many good properties that are expressed among others in an excellent handling, high aquaplaning resistance and in an excellent acoustic comfort.

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