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Ride comfort at the European level: The Mabor Sport Jet 2

Mabor is a tyre manufacturer, originally from Portugal. Meanwhile, the company is a subsidiary of Continental AG and is specific to the German group. The production facility is located, however, in France. There is also the summer tyres Mabor Sport Jet 2 is produced, a model of the budget class, but certainly can impress with a strong performance.

Light summer tyres, which may be made against more expensive competition

The Mabor Sport Jet 2 has to free himself from a number of competitors, primarily against the competition from their own home. High quality summer tyres like the Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 delight in demanding motorists great popularity. However, the Mabor Sport Jet 2 takes this challenge only too happy. Convince he relies primarily on its low price and its high level of comfort. The Mabor Sport Jet 2 proves at any speed to be extremely quiet and smooth. His performance on dry and wet track is solid and meets the European standards completely.

Low fuel consumption with reliable performance

In addition to the low-noise characteristics, which ensures relaxed driving pleasure, especially low fuel consumption is a haven of Mabor Sport Jet 2. The summer tyre has a relatively low rolling resistance. The vehicle therefore requires less force to accelerate, must accordingly take up less fuel. The asymmetric tread the Mabor Sport Jet 2 ensures good aquaplaning characteristics; Water is derived from the deep sipes reliable backwards and to the side. These properties make it good motorists not difficult to access once the Mabor Sport Jet. 2

Reliability at a low price: The manufactured in France car tyres Mabor Sport Jet 2 is a good example of what service can also provide budget tyres.

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