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The Mabor Sport Jet impresses with its smoothness and performance

The tyre manufacturer Mabor comes from Portugal. For several years already he belongs to the large family and Continental can do both the design knowledge as well as the distribution channels of the market leader advantage. The range includes high-quality summer tyre as the Mabor Sport Jet who knows how to please its balanced price / performance ratio.

Competitive quality from Portugal

tyre in the lower and middle price segment are some motorists skeptical. However, this need not be - the Mabor Sport Jet about can keep up its good performance at all levels of competition. As summer tyres he proved especially on dry tracks. Here he shows great balance and a comfortable ride. The treads of the Mabor Sport Jet contain a high proportion of silica. These mixtures hinders the deformation of the tyre by intense heat. Therefore, the Mabor Sport Jet wears off slowly and precipitated by its long life.

Pronounced quieter summer tyres

In independent tests the Mabor Sport Jet impressed especially by hardly noticeable road noise. So quietly comes barely ahead another summer tyres. The profile is symmetrical and directional. Several circumferential longitudinal ribs ensure a reliable water drainage from wet surfaces. Grip and traction therefore retained even when the rains. The Mabor Sport JET is especially suitable for compact cars and makes on 14-inch wheels also a good visual impression. The speed is limited in the speed class H to 210 km/h.

Motorists who wish to safe driving at an affordable price, meeting with the Mabor Sport Jet a good choice. Compact cars benefit from the high smoothness of the tyre and a great agility in city traffic.

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