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Linglong has regularly been among the top 20 tyre companies in the world and top 5 in China for the past several years with a yearly quanity reaching 41 million tyres. Linglong sells their tyres to over 180 countries around the world.
By 2013, the high performance radial tyre was put into operation and by 2020 Linglong expects to produce 90 million units per year.

Passenger car tyres

• CrossWind EcoTouring tyres – enhanced stability, reduced risk of aquaplaning, reduced noise for quiet ride
• CrossWind tyres –improved traction and braking on both dry and wet surfaces
GREEN-Max EcoTouring tyres –improved stability, traction, and reduced noise for quiet ride
• GREEN-Max HP010 tyres –improved stability, braking, traction, lower risk of aquaplaning, lower noise levels for quiet ride
• LMA1 tyres –stability, grip, water drainage for reduced aquaplaning, quiet ride, long tyre life
• LMA2 tyres –all weather tyre good traction and drainage for reduced aquaplaning, long trye life
• LMA15 tyres –improved grip, traction, and stability, better water dispersal for lower risk of aquaplaning
• LMA18 tyres –improved grip in wet conditions, reduced risk of aquaplaning, long tyre life

SUV tyres

• CROSSWIND 4X4 HP/GREEN-Max 4X4 HP tyres –improved stability and cornering, low risk of aquaplaning, low noise level for quiet ride
• CROSSWIND A/T tyres –improved wet grip, good on all road surfaces, water dispersion for reduced risk of aquaplaning, low noise, long tyre life
• CROSSWIND H/T tyres –good traction and cornering, reduced risk of aquaplaning, quiet ride, good tread wear
• L688 tyres –water drainage to reduce risk of aquaplaning, enhanced traction and stability, wear resistance for long tyre life, low noise
• L689 –enhanced traction, skid prevention on wet surfaces, low noise levels

Light truck tyres

• LMA1 tyres –lower risk of aquaplaning, good traction, stability, and grip, long tyre life
• LMB3 tyres –good for all terrains, long tyre life
• RADIAL616 tyres –all terrains, improved traction in snow, stability, long tread wear
• RADIAL666 tyres –improved traction, skid prevention on wet road surfaces

Light truck tyres

• LL850 tyres –improved stability, cornering, grip, long tread wear
• LMC2 tyres –skid prevention, enhanced traction, stability, cornering, long tyre life
• LMC4 tyres –all terrain long tyre life
• LMC8 tyres –wear resistance for long tyre life, improved stability, cornering, and traction,
• LMC9 tyres –longer tread wear, enhanced stability, cornering, less noise

Over the road truck tyres

• D960 tyres –long tyre life, good traction both on and off road
• A968 tyres –improved braking and grip on wet surfaces
• LDO906 tyres –improved traction, good on and off road
• LDO910 tyres –both on off road, enhanced braking and traction
• LDR929 tyres –improved traction and grip, long tyre life

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