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Lassa tyres - high quality and innovative

Lassa tyres are estimated due to the superior tyre technology and superior quality, long time. In the European racing circuit models of the Turkish tyre manufacturer are highly popular that it on Lassa are to purchase in a wide range.

Superior technology and high driving comfort

The company attaches great importance to the continuous improvement of its products. The constant research is also the quality of Lassa tyres benefit: Thanks to the latest and in some respects superior technology is appreciated by customers worldwide, the models, which are also often used in international competitions. According to the requirements of the domestic and world market models are offered, the high quality and durability of various independent testing to be certified again and also won major awards such as the European Quality Award. Lassa tyres are regarded as particularly durable and robust and offer optimum driving comfort - on Lassa one can convince himself thereof.

Lassa - successful course for more than 30 years

Established in 1978, Lassa can look back on a more than 30-year-old, highly successful story. The company soon became to the most sought after tyre manufacturer in Turkey. In 1988, Lassa a joint venture agreement with the renowned tyre manufacturer Bridgestone and has since been trading under the name of Brisa. Meanwhile this is the largest manufacturer of tyres in Turkey. Thanks to this popularity, Lassa tyres are already sold on the European market. Also for Transportation provides Lassa a great choice.

The continuous development and quality technologies, which are used in the manufacturing process with the quality of Lassa tyres benefit directly. These are characterized by a long shelf life, as well as greater durability, making the models not only in Turkey particularly popular and perfect ride comfort guaranteed.

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