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Kumho Solus KH18 - a powerful model for the summer

Kumho Solus KH18 is also in poor weather conditions at its best. This ensure good handling and innovative technology, so that with this summer tyre is always on the road safely and comfortably.

Kumho Solus KH18 convinces with outstanding grip and high steering precision

Kumho Solus KH18 is equipped with the latest technologies of renowned Asian tyre manufacturer. It is therefore hardly surprising that this summer tyres Kumho having such a good performance and high overall performance can boast. This is reflected among other things in an outstanding grip, a good ground contact even on wet or slippery asphalt and in a high steering precision - qualities that subside even on longer distances under any circumstances. In addition, the low noise level, through which these tyres are also distinguished from the house Kumho. For optimum comfort and a good safety thanks to the Kumho Solus KH18 so worried.

Kumho - a tyre manufacturer who knows what it takes

High security as well as convenience - the Asian tyre manufacturer Kumho know what it takes. It thus requires only new technologies and high-quality materials in the development and manufacture of its tyres, to achieve exactly this goal. This ensures that all of Kumho tyres deliver a good overall performance that does not let even in difficult road and weather conditions. In addition, you can look forward as a customer about the wide range of different models, which is suitable for the most diverse types of vehicles. The tyres of Kumho Solus KH18 series are just one example of this.

Kumho Solus KH18 By the popular tyre manufacturers from Asia brings once more a powerful summer tyre on the market that delivers a good overall performance, even in adverse weather and road conditions. This is reflected among other things in an excellent grip, superior traction and a high steering precision, so that optimal safety is ensured at all times.

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