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Kumho Krs04

Kumho Krs04 is a high quality truck tyre for regional and long-distance transport. Improved technologies provide increased security and reliability, so that transport companies can keep all appointments. The Krs04 has increased carrying capacity, the supporting transporting heavy loads in any situation. It is suitable for all modern trucks with and without trailers for mounting on the steering axle.

Special steering axle tyres with increased load capacity

The load transport by truck brings new challenges again and again. So they do not jeopardize the safety and scheduling, trucks must be equipped with high-quality tyres. For mounting on the steering axle Kumho now offers the Krs04. This special tyres is sufficient for even the highest loads in everyday truck use, so that the vehicle does in any situation the necessary steering precision. This Kumho truck tyre has a capacity of 9 tonnes, which it is perfectly suitable for heavy haulage. Newly developed technologies facilitate steering under severe conditions and wear a more comfortable ride at.

Innovative tread for better steering precision

Thanks to robust tread the Kumho Krs04 for use in the heavy transport is ideal. A special layer consisting of a new rubber compound prevents deformations on the tread surface and thus allows a constant reliable steering response. The profile of Kumho Krs04 has five longitudinal grooves, which are separated with solid tread blocks. Each of these grooves quickly leads off excess amounts of water, so that the tyre can achieve increased contact with the road. Efficiency is another important requirement in the transport sector, the Kumho Krs04 also met. Thanks to uniform treadwear tyre life is significantly increased. As an alternative to Kumho Krs04 trucks can Hankook truck tyres are fitted.

Kumho Krs04 is an excellent tyre for the steering axle of the truck. It improves steering response and significantly increases the efficiency of the vehicle. A newly developed rubber compound prevents injuries during heavy load and extended considerably the mileage. For improved efficiency of the van suitable Kumho truck tyres .

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