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Kumho Kma01

Kumho Kma01 is a versatile tyre for trucks and construction equipment with excellent on- / off-road ability. Its rugged design enables high loads and therefore a worry-free use of the truck or utility vehicle on rough roads and terrain. The dynamic profile promises increased traction on wet roads and muddy trails. Thanks to the reinforced carcass itself stony surfaces on the ground are easy to overpower.

For off-road use of the truck

The mixed use of trucks for many transport and construction companies of the highest priority. Therefore, they rely on high-quality, flexible tyres like Kumho Kma01. It has a robust tread and carcass together support the traffic on paved and unpaved roads alike. The Kma01 belongs to the new generation of Kumho truck tyre , contributing a versatile and safe operation of the truck. Moreover, it can also be used with many construction equipment and commercial vehicles, as its off-road capability allows the use on construction sites under the most extreme conditions.

Reliable tyres for construction equipment and trucks

The combination of road and off-road capability requires a complex technology that the circumstances on the road adapts. For this reason, the Kumho Kma01 is often the first choice for trucks and heavy equipment, which are used in many ways. He promises a sovereign handling and stability on dry and wet asphalt. At the same time Kma01 ensures a reliable driving performance on unpaved runways. Its reinforced casing prevents the sway of the truck at an elevated load. The additional rubber layer, the profile can hardly be damaged. Therefore, the Kumho Kma01 is ideally suited for daily use on building sites. For increased reliability on rough terrain, some rugged provide truck tyres from Continental .

The Kumho Kma01 the application range of the truck is much larger. It promises excellent properties on the road and off. Its strong carcass and the robust profile structure increase the reliability on construction sites and unpaved roads. Kumho also produces high-quality truck tyres , which have excellent properties for off-road use.

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