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Kumho Kls03 brings the truck to the track

The South Korean tyre manufacturer Kumho has launched the Kumho Kls03 a quality truck tyres on the market. Kumho Kls03 has been specifically designed for long haul and therefore an interesting candidate for large loads on the track. In the following, the tyre will be described in more detail.

The driving characteristics of the Kumho Kls03

The Kumho Kls03 is a summer tyre which has been specifically designed and engineered for the steering axle tyres of trucks in long-distance traffic. Tester certify the tyres a very good grip on both dry and wet conditions. The good braking performance and the remarkably short braking distances mentioned positively. The roll and driving noise of Kumho Kls03 are very low, which increases driving comfort significantly over the long haul. He received the maximum score in each case in the assessment of internal and external noises. Even the low wear and the economics associated were "very good".

The technical data of the Kumho Kls03

Presented here is the Kumho Kls03 315/80 R22.5. This is a long haul tyres for steering axle tyres. With a load index of 150 each tyre can be loaded with up to 3350 kg weight. Released the Kumho is Kls03 for speeds of up to 120 km/h points out the speed index L. He is definitely an interesting candidate, when it comes to summer tyres for trucks - goes - especially over long distances. Overall, the series convinces with high quality, low abrasion and very high driving comfort.

Kumho Kls03 has a very good price-performance ratio. The rubber compound ensures low wear, the tread of the tyre ensures excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces and for good braking performance. For trucks over long distances of Kumho Kls03 is definitely recommended.

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