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Kumho ECSTA X3 KL17 Tyres

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Kumho Ecsta X3 Kl17

The Kumho Ecsta X3 Kl17 driver achieve fabulous services of the SUV or SUV on paved roads. Besides the construction of the Ecsta X3 Kl17 is robust enough to support the SUV also off the beaten track. This summer tyre promises greater comfort in every situation. Thanks to its effective braking response and stable cornering attitude driving in SUVs is much safer.

Kumho Ecsta X3 Kl17: SUV tyres of the newest generation

Kumho Tyres stand for sportiness and reliability. They are specifically designed for increased performance, which is why they are often preferred by the most demanding motorists. The Ecsta X3 Kl17 among the best known Kumho SUV tyres . It is specifically designed for on-road use of SUVs. Besides its tread allows occasional detour in the field, without the tyre is extremely strained. Such outstanding performance on completely different surfaces allows among others the innovative rubber compound. It is specifically designed X3 Kl17 for the Kumho Ecsta and repeatedly tested in the laboratory.

Outstanding properties on the highway

Kumho Ecsta X3 Kl17 suitable for all SUVs and SUVs that are on paved roads for the most part go. Its wide footprint provides traction and increased stability of the vehicle. This summer tyre provides excellent traction on dry and wet roads. The special rubber compound has excellent adhesion even when not reached operating temperature, so that the Ecsta X3 Kl17 after only a few meters drive shows its best features. In asymmetric profile of the tyre are five longitudinal grooves provide excellent water drainage. The risk of aquaplaning is considerably reduced. Alternatively SUV owners can leave their vehicles with Hankook SUV tyres equip.

Kumho Ecsta X3 Kl17 is a fabulous tyres for road use of SUVs. Thanks to its special carcass construction drivers do not avoid unpaved roads. The Ecsta X3 Kl17 the SUV smoothly reach its maximum speed on the highway, the ride still remains quiet and pleasant. This tyre is visually a very successful model that awarded to Oxigin aluminum wheels fitted.

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