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Kumho Ecsta KU19, summer tyres for high demands

Powerful cars need high performance tyre. Vehicles that are traveling with a lot of horsepower, must be equipped with safe and durable tyres. The rapid pace presents its own challenges - just waiting the summer with some challenges for tyres on, among others, with high temperatures and heavy downpours. For all these conditions the Kumho Ecsta KU19 is well prepared.

High performance summer tyre for high-end vehicles

Kumho Ecsta KU19 is a high-Sommerrreifen, which has been developed specifically for the needs of vehicles of upper middle class and the upper class. Many of the different tyre models also feature an increased load capacity, recognized by the XL icon. These tyres of Kumho Ecsta KU19 series can also use vans to be driven and SUVs, as well with Vans. Predominantly the Kumho Ecsta KU19 models for the speed class Y are allowed to prove with a top speed of 300 km/h so sportiness. As the tread of course must be robust; Kumho Ecsta KU19 for special silica mixtures are used that are both thermally stable and durable.

Aymmetrisches profile for high driving stability

The special rubber compound also ensure a good grip in all road conditions. Especially with drought, the Kumho Ecsta KU19 with a high traction and short braking distances points. Even at high speeds the profile of Kumho Ecsta KU19 provides safe aquaplaning characteristics. The tread design is asymmetric, a design that for many Kumho summer tyres is used. The advantages are in a larger contact surface, a reliable water drainage and a very high stability.

Kumho Ecsta KU19 also demanding customers satisfied. Good safety characteristics and a sporty driving behavior speak for the summer tyres.

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