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Tyre technology has covered a long distance and Infinity tyres reach the market with their tremendous performance. These tyres offer maximum security, enhanced comfort, and longevity. These features make them favorite tyres of the motorists. Skills and expertise of the engineering team of Infinity have introduced these tyres in the auto industry and helped the drivers with improved driving experience. They have taken the customers into future with their advanced approach and dedicated work on high class tyres. Infinity is the cutting edge of these tyres.

Infinity tyres are available for a wide variety of vehicles in the market. Designed for SUVs, vans, vans, heavy trucks, 4X4, and other high performance vehicles, these tyres offer their maximum performance. They are developed for all types of roads and smoothly run on dry, wet, and winter road surfaces with equal comfort. They are used for the vehicles in agriculture and industry as they aim at providing you wonderful experience of peaceful drive no matter what kind of surface they are running on. Also installed on passenger cars, they are made to carry heavy weight in public transport. Drivers of mini buses also use them because of their faultless performance on rough and tough terrains.

Infinity tyres are developed with rigid tread blocks that contribute to a better control of the vehicle with precise steering and improved grip on dry and wet road surface. They have longer life as their wear resistance is greater and they successfully fight punctures and other damages on roads and uneven tracks. Their off-road excellence is due to their protection from stone drilling and cuts. It results in their stability and durability. Installed on buses and trucks, they have less rolling resistance and offer an extra mileage with less fuel consumed. They are designed to carry heavy burdens and luggage while their tyre wear is less than the other competitors. They are first choice of the drivers because of their handling of rough roads and less rolling noise.

Infinity tyres are ideal to be used in mining. That is why; they are preferred by the drivers for heavy duty applications. Their strength makes them perfect for buildings and construction. Infinity offers a wide and comprehensive range of tyres to be used in the fleets and military vehicles because of their high performance, safe drive, strong and efficient running on all types of road conditions. Available in all sizes of the military vehicles, they deliver extra ordinary performance with durable and reliable drive on rough and hard tracks in all weather conditions. Enhanced comfort and improved safety level along with precise control on the vehicle in cornering is what makes these tyres great and reliable.

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