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Infinity INF 100 Summer tyres: a really good deal

A good summer tyres may not always be better at everything than the competition. Sometimes as little as average to good results, as long as the price is right then. When tyre series Infinity INF 100 is exactly the case. Mileage, grip and handling move in midfield, its price is unbeatable.

tyre manufacturing with the environment in mind

The car tyre manufacturer Infinity belongs to Al Dobowi Group, which was established in Dubai in 1976 and produced to next car tyres for the Middle East. Today the Al Dobowi Group is active worldwide and has established a total of three continents various subsidiaries. the manufacturer Infinity tyres are known for a high level of comfort and safety as well as their excellent mileage. In addition, the company pays for the production of tyres and in the selection of raw materials to the environment. The series Infinity INF 100 is made ​​of high quality summer tyre for vans , which convinces among other things by a low price.

Good results - brilliant price

Rain or shine, the Infinity INF 100 tyre let the vans literally stick to the ground. However, only when you need it, otherwise offer summer tyres good handling and excellent driving comfort. The maximum speed for the Infinity INF 100 tyre is 170 km/h. In tests, the tyres of Infinity have achieved on average in all areas good values. Especially in fuel consumption and longevity the Infinity INF 100 show strong. The external rolling noise are according to the EU tyre label with an average of 73 decibels, making the tyres end up in the acoustic midfield.

The tyre series Infinity INF 100 provides a healthy balance of grip, fuel consumption, driving comfort and mileage. Who a Transporter tyres examined with optimal price-performance ratio, should absolutely access. Better tyres although there is certainly, but not necessarily for this price.

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