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Hankook Th22 - The tyre for heavy loads

The Hankook TH22 is a tyre for heavy loads in the medium and long haul traffic. With its high mileage and good wet grip, it offers a good price-performance ratio.

Ideal for heavy loads

When Hankook TH22 is a wide single tyres for truck trailers. With its radial design, it is a modern summer tyre for the medium and long haul traffic. With a load capacity of 4250 kg, the Hankook Th22 is well suited for high loads. Through its enlarged carcass, the tyre also Maximum Loads good mileage. Thanks to the optimized belt structure with minimized deformation belt a low rolling resistance is achieved. This manifests itself not only in its service life, but also in fuel economy. With a classification in the class C, the tyre despite its width a moderate consumption. The footprint of the tyre has a lamellar loose midrib. Along with improved tread areas are uneven wear prevented and improves both driving performance including the overrunning of the axis. With a wet grip class B of Hankook Th22 provides a good grip despite moderate fuel consumption and high mileage.

Hankook tyre - High-quality tyres for all vehicle classes

The Korean tyre producer Hankook tyre is one of the largest manufacturers of radial tyres and provides primarily products to mid-priced. With over 14,000 employees, it produces tyres for all Fehr finished classes and sells them worldwide. Through continuous development and the use of modern materials Hankook tyre wants to further increase customer satisfaction.

The Hankook TH22 is a durable tyre for truck trailers in the middle and long distance traffic. The manufacturer's specifications on the tyre label speak for themselves: As a modern tyre radial type of TH22 convinced a moderate fuel consumption and good wet grip. Priced in the middle segment located, it offers a good price-performance ratio.

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