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Hankook DL 10

Highway by truck is a special challenge for the driver and vehicle. Thus the ride is as safe and enjoyable as possible, Hankook the DL develop 10 long-distance tyres. This truck tyre is optimized for long distances at high load. Its tread adapts to the ground, so that the driver at any time retain maximum control of the truck.

Excellent drive with low wear

The logistics industry needs to be able to rely on reliable and safe transport. To make this possible, trucks and vans must be especially equipped with excellent tyres. The Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook provides excellent truck tyres, which promises enhanced performance and enormous resistance. Meant of Hankook DL is 10. This tyre fully loaded truck can count on a constant drive for distance traffic on the highway. He is, just like the rest of Hankook truck tyres , tested several times. It proves every single test how safe and secure the Hankook DL is 10th

Increased grip on wet roads

In addition to the excellent driving characteristics on dry roads the Hankook DL has 10 increased stability and comfort even when wet. The allow three wide longitudinal grooves that are positioned in the middle and at the edge of the profile. They lead very quickly from water, thus ensuring a constant contact of the tread with the asphalt. In addition, features of the Hankook DL 10 two zigzag grooves whose function especially in wintry conditions is revealed. They ensure that snow and ice on the tread does not stick, and thus allow for increased traction. Lorry driver can alternatively Continental truck tyres leave.

The Hankook DL 10 promises increased driving comfort and safety in long-distance trucks. The application range of the tyre are dry, wet and snow-covered roads. It guarantees enhanced stability, even when trucks with greater load on the highway traveling. The Hankook DL 10 is suitable for mounting on the drive axle. In addition to truck tyres, the Korean brand also offers reliable tyre for trucks and vans .

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