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An expert on the city life: The Hankook AU03

The Korean manufacturer Hankook has brought in the 70 years history of the company always quality tyres for special demands on the market. The Hankook AU03 it provides a tyre which has been specifically designed for trucks in city traffic. The details will be described below.

The characteristics of the Hankook AU03

Trucks and buses that commute every day in city traffic, are particularly challenging due to the stop-and-go stages at traffic lights etc., in terms of quality and service life of the tyre. The Hankook AU03 these requirements by the particular construction and the special rubber compound definitely meet. The material used has a high abrasion resistance, the shoulder width ensures stable handling. Rolling resistance is a truck tyre remarkably low, which prolongs the life of Hankook AU03 noticeably. Due to the special arrangement of the lamellae a good ride comfort as well as a solid braking performance is guaranteed. Furthermore, the profile for good grip ensures both on dry and wet roads.

Two sizes Convincing: The Hankook AU03

The Hankook AU03 is available in two versions: 275/70 R22.5 and 11 / R22.5. Both sizes are provided with a load index of 148th In order for the individual tyres can be loaded with a weight of up to 3150 kg. The speed index J indicates the maximum speed of 100 km/h for the Hankook AU03 is released. Also interesting is the information of the manufacturer that the installation this summer tyre has been simplified and the conditions for retreading been improved.

The Hankook AU03 a convincing all-purpose tyres for heavy-duty trucks and city buses were put on the market. Its handling characteristics as stable roadholding, high abrasion resistance and good braking make this tyre an attractive candidate when it comes to high quality and durability.

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