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Hankook AH11

Salient features of Hankook AH11 tyre are enhanced durability, stability of drive, prevention of uneven wear, and improved handling. Wet control and handling is managed through multi-kerfs on grooves.
New tread design of Hankook AH11 tyre enhances their lateral stability and delivers a perfect handling in all types of road conditions with wet and dry surface. These features make this tyre favorite of the drivers who want controlled drive.

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Hankook AH 11

By AH 11 provides Hankook a tyre that all obstacles opposes on the road. Its robust tread prevents irregular wear and improves durability. The reinforced carcass prevents deformation and allows the maximum loading of the truck, without compromising security. With the tyres Hankook AH 11 truck drivers receive one for long-haul optimally adapted tyres.

Reliability for long distances

Trucks are among the most demanding transport. They must be in perfect technical condition and his next feature high-quality tyres like the Hankook AH 11th This tyre offers precise handling and improved characteristics such as traction or braking. In this way, the driver can safely and conveniently drive long trips with a full load. The AH 11 is a newly developed Hankook truck tyres , which is often used by many top test results as Erstmontagereifen with truck manufacturers. His profile design suitable for use in all weather conditions.

Stability at high load

Two-stage running shoulder hold the Hankook AH 11 stable and prevent dangerous hiking at high speed on the highway. The stability is further improved by large angular joints walls and numerous expansion joints. Outstanding characteristics are guaranteed even when wet. The AH 11 has four zigzag longitudinal grooves that provide improved water drainage and thus allow the constant contact of the tyre with the asphalt. The wide tread design provides a stable position of the truck at an elevated load and ensures excellent braking performance. Overall, the Hankook AH 11 lower costs per kilometer allows because it significantly reduces the consumption of the truck. Alternatively Lorries can also use Continental truck tyres are fitted.

The Hankook AH 11 of the long-distance transport is synonymous with truck safer and more comfortable. It supports the vehicle during handling and braking in any situation and ensures even with increased load for improved fuel economy. Wide longitudinal grooves to improve stability and braking performance on wet roads. In addition to tyres for trucks and vans Hankook also produces premium SUV tyres .

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