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Gremax tyres - Quality Price

Thanks to many good handling characteristics convince the tyres from Gremax vehicle owners around the world. Gremax tyres are not only suitable for small cars, but also for larger vehicles - a wide range can be found on Gremax .

Great runnability and visual highlights

The quality of tyres are Gremax through the countless great handling characteristics have long coveted world products. All models feature an optimum contact area and a high grip, so that every motorist quiet and safe on the road - even in adverse weather conditions. Visually know Gremax tyres by the special tread pattern and the respective flank height to put many a highlight. Gremax tyres meet thanks to strict controls fully the requirements of US DOT and the European ECE certification. On Gremax everyone can convince themselves of the many good handling characteristics of the tyre itself Gremax extensively.

Gremax - Successful in China

Gremax is a trademark of the renowned company Crowntyre Industrial Co. Ltd., which is headquartered in China. Since 1986 tyres in the production of the company prepared - with great success: in the meantime, the Group is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the country and was able to expand its market share in foreign markets has been dramatically in recent years. Customers from Asia, America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Africa appreciate the high quality of Gremax tyres under it Gremax are acquiring. For the high quality also contributes to cooperation with selected partners from France, Germany and the US, which contribute through the provision of special materials to the value of Gremax tyres even further.

The quality of tyres Gremax be rightly appreciated by countless customers around the world. With its many good running properties they ensure high driving stability and contribute to the overall comfort on every drive in a high degree with at.

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