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The Goodyear Regional RHT combined efficiency with good performance

The Goodyear Regional RHT proves itself as truck tyres for semitrailers and trailers. It is particularly suitable for use in regional transport, but can also be used on the long haul. Due to its elevated mileage and fuel efficiency of the Goodyear Regional RHT is particularly economical.

The Goodyear Regional RHT combined fuel efficiency with high mileage

To enhance the efficiency of the Goodyear Regional RHT wear the same for several factors. The KMax technology based on the new generation of Goodyear tyres is used, acts particularly fuel-friendly through special tread patterns, an energy-saving tyre compound and the weight-reducing construction of the carcass. In addition, the strong construction improves retreadability of tyres, which extends its life. Reinforced tyre shoulders improve wear resistance and reduce fuel consumption. Reinforced shoulder ribs and zigzag-shaped tread grooves of the tread ensure even wear and reduce the risk of Einfahrschäden. The use of innovative materials in the tyre compound and carcass additionally lead to improved wet traction.

Also, the profile and the tyre compound contribute to the economy in

The rugged tread design of the Goodyear Regional RHT shows a widened tread and the increased tread depth, both of which extended the mileage. The multi-radius contour ensures a uniform wear and an extended service life. The zigzag grooves also reduced the stones catch and prevent cracking of the profile. The increased volume of rubber lowers the risk of outbreaks cleats. The special tread grooves improve the braking performance of the Goodyear Regional RHT in wet conditions and the design of the tyre shoulder reduce noise emissions, which increases driving comfort.

The Goodyear Regional RHT is a particularly economical premium tyres for trucks , which comes on trailers and semi-regional and long-distance traffic. His tyre construction is characterized by extreme ruggedness, high mileage and good handling on wet roads.

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