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Goodyear Regional RHS 2 achieved with modern technology, greater cost effectiveness.

Goodyear Regional RHS 2 presents itself as a tyre for trucks , equipped with the latest technologies of the manufacturers for use in regional transport. can particularly score Goodyear with KMax technology that makes the Regional RHS 2 particularly fuel efficient. With an innovative design and by using more durable materials, it is also able to design the Goodyear Regional RHS 2 for high mileage.

Innovative technologies make the Goodyear Regional RHS 2 for increased durability and mileage

In the construction of the carcass and the entyre tyre weight is saved, what more payload allowed. The extremely robust design of the Goodyear Regional RHS 2 increases its durability and protection against damage. Innovative technology is also in the tread compound in use, the Goodyear used among other things to increase the mileage and improved wet traction.

Good wet properties and reliable performance even in winter conditions

In the middle of the five-rippigen tread pattern of the Goodyear Regional RHS 2 has flexomatische slats in dry pavement, wet and winter conditions that improve the traction and the braking effect. In connection with the circumferential grooves as also the risk of aquaplaning is reduced. The entry of stones is achieved by a special profile geometry, which reduces the risk of damage, thus improving the durability of the Goodyear Regional RHS. 2 The uniform profile wear is due among other things to the extra-wide profile, which also increases the mileage of the Goodyear Regional RHS. 2

Goodyear Regional RHS 2 is a year-purpose truck tyre for the medium-range, which is noticeable with improved mileage. Its good traction and braking ability, this brand tyres on dry, wet and wintry road. The sturdy Goodyear Regional RHS 2 is a very durable tyre which therefore also very suitable for retreading.

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