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The Goodyear Regional RHD is a truck tyre that can score with high efficiency

The Goodyear Regional RHD belongs to the latest generation of Goodyear tyres for trucks in regional transport. With the KMax technology Goodyear has combined various technologies to design the Goodyear Regional RHD as fuel-efficient as possible. Innovative design features and materials of the Goodyear Regional RHD ensure durability, long life and high mileage. Its good characteristics could already prove in some practical tests of this steering axle tyres.

The robust design of the Goodyear Regional RHD makes it particularly durable and high traction

The design of the Goodyear Regional RHD overall ensures good handling The weight-optimized carcass of the Goodyear Regional RHD is particularly robust construction, to increase the resistance to damage and durability of the tyre as a whole. With the so-called 3D technology for the profile blades, the traction of the Goodyear Regional RHD and therefore the brake deceleration on wet roads and in winter road conditions improved. For the tread compound, the manufacturer Goodyear an innovative technology used to also thereby increase the mileage and improve traction on wet roads.

Good traction even when wet and in winter

The wide tread pattern of the Goodyear Regional RHD ensures even wear and high mileage. The particularly tight profiled fins in the center of the tread to improve the braking performance in the wet and in wintry road conditions. The wet performance is also additional security to protect against aquaplaning. The special geometry of the tread grooves reduce the entry of stones in the profile, which prevents damage and makes the tyre more durable.

The Goodyear Regional RHD is designed for particularly high mileage. It is particularly resistant to damage, highly durable and therefore suitable for retreading. The year-round usable brand tyre shows even on wet roads and in winter conditions Good traction and braking characteristics.

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