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The Goodyear Marathon LHT presents itself economically and efficiently

The Goodyear Marathon LHT is a trailer tyre for trucks , which offers the latest tyre technology with regard to design and tread compound. The Goodyear Marathon LHT has been developed to meet the demands of today's Tranportgewerbes to a reduced rolling resistance, wear resistance, durability and improved mileage for economic performance justice.

The Goodyear Marathon LHT brings fuel efficiency, high performance and reduced CO2 emissions

By brand tyre Marathon LHT can be high payloads moved efficiently and economically. The so-called FuelMax technology consists of a combination of special tyre design, special profile geometry and improved material properties. For FuelMax Technology is the tread compound featuring a mix of silica fillers and premium natural rubber, which allows particularly low rolling resistance. Therefore, this new tread compound in Goodyear Marathon LHT for reduced fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emissions and improved mileage by a uniform tread wear makes. reduced.

Protected against Beschädungen, retreadable and with good wet properties

The strong shoulder rib makes the Goodyear Marathon LHT particularly resistant to wear, Einfahrschäden and other damage. The specific geometry of the profile reduces the entry of stones and makes it particularly strong. The multi-radius mold the profile promotes even wear and high mileage in addition. In addition, the Goodyear Marathon LHT is good retreadable. The Silefex tread compound simultaneously provides improved wet grip. On wet roads and when braking so the Goodyear Marathon LHT shows good traction properties and also works well in dry conditions.

The Goodyear Marathon LHT is a trailer tyre for long haul, which is characterized by fuel efficiency and high mileage. The innovative tread compound, the manufacturer achieved Goodyear a balance between low rolling resistance, wet grip increased and extended mileage. The Goodyear Marathon LHT so you obtain a tyre, which is characterized by particularly good efficiency.

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