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Goodyear G90 Tyres

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Goodyear G90 Tyres

Goodyear G90 tyres are professionally constructed to withstand rough and tough road situation. They are durable enough and made for Sport utility vehicles (SUV). These tyres are manufactured by giving deep tread to offer enhanced traction that can enable your vehicle to give its best performance on unpaved irregular roads. Because of its deep and wide grooves, these tyres are considered suitable even for military applications. Goodyear G90 has been declared sturdy for the hardest land conditions like deep mud, slippery grass, sand, and soft soil etc.

Key features of Goodyear G90 tyres

The major traits of Goodyear G90 tyres include:

  • Highly off-road performance, no matter whatever the situation of land is.
  • The anti-clogging profile that keeps waste away from getting tangled with the tyre.
  • The off-road traction that provides great grip on deteriorated road condition.
  • Mud evacuation that eliminates mud and dirt accumulated on the tread to offer constant off-road traction.

Price and other specs of Goodyear G90 tyres

Goodyear G 90 tyres are considered as a premium quality product that gives the highest performance through its latest technology. These tyres come in the size of 7.50 widths and diameter of 16. Furthermore, the speed index of this tyre is 140km/h. It is the maximum speed on which you can drive your vehicle. The load index of this tyre is 116/114 that refers to the maximum load that it can carry. It can be used for commercial vehicles and small trucks as well.

Goodyear G90 price is appropriate according to its amazing feature and sturdy construction. However, it slightly differs from time to time.

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