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Goodride SV308

Goodride SV308 is all season performance tyre that offers superior qualities of increased traction, reduced rolling resistance, splendid handling performance, and high speed stability. Silicon dioxide technology has been used in this tyre to ensure short braking distance and decrease the rolling resistance. Excellent handling performance is promised by it with the help of streamlined pattern with two longitudinal grooves and V-groove. Rim protection on the sidewall is also ensured.

Goodride SV308 is champion of hot summer and wet and dry conditions on road. No matter how much the road is tough to handle, this tyre will deliver the maximum performance and make your drives lovely, excellent, non-stop, and comfortable. Long lasting service and even wear is what adds further beauty to this tyre. That is why; drivers love it for all weathers. Stop wasting your money and buy these tyres to enjoy driving in all seasons of year.


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