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Goldentyre - quality tyres for all claims

The name Goldentyre is indispensable in motorcycle scene barely. Thanks to the large selection of quality Goldentyre tyres for motorcycles , mopeds, scooters, cars and vans can be within a short time on Goldentyre a suitable tyre for each vehicle model found.

Qualitatively, sturdy

The tyre brand GoldenTyre is well established in international motor racing long and active with this long in the MX World Championship. For some time, the tyre manufacturer has even taken over the exclusive supply of the FIM Supermoto World Championship. Quite rightly, because the optimal mix of Supermoto tyres ensures a perfect slide performance, excellent grip and all over a long life products. In addition, the tyres are extremely durable, which is also on Goldentyre can convince. But Goldentyre tyres also offer the highest quality for cars. With them can Punctures, caused for example by burst pipes can be prevented.

The Champ in the off-road scene

High Goldentyre tyres and a perfect running - no wonder that the Italian tyre manufacturer GoldenTyre (not only) has long been established in the scene. Longitudinal qualitative models of the company of countless champions such as Graham "Grimbo" Jarvis are estimated and Goldentyre tyres used in international competitions. Thanks to this popularity, there is in this country now, the high quality models on Goldentyre can be found.

know off-road enthusiasts and appreciate the high quality tyres from the Italian manufacturer GoldenTyre long. No wonder this bribe but through its many great driving characteristics as perfect Slide behavior, high grip and long life.

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