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Gislaved Nord Frost Van - high performance thanks to perfected technology

Specially designed for powerful Vans, the Gislaved Nord Frost Van proves a high quality van winter tyres , which remains absolutely braking and steering safely even in adverse weather conditions.

Optimum traction and perfect ground contact

With the Gislaved Nord Frost Van meets highest demands themselves. This is especially the perfected technology owe that sets new standards in every respect. Thus, not only an optimal traction but also a perfect ground contact is ensured - even on icy or slippery roads. As in the case of other Gislaved winter tyres can benefit from an absolute steering and braking safety than motorists thus increasing driving enjoyment even at very low temperatures and extreme winter conditions again considerably. Moreover, the good cornering performance of the Gislaved Nord Frost Van is worth mentioning, which also boasts a low rolling noise.

Gislaved Nord Frost Van - a quality tyre from Scandinavia

The tyre manufacturer from Scandinavia could already make a name soon after its founding 100 years ago. No wonder that fell Gislaved tyres already then on with their high quality and strong performance. Nothing has changed and today the high quality tyres from customers around the world are estimated to a great extent because of their innovative technology and the many good handling characteristics. Also in the tests Gislaved tyres can convince repeatedly and regularly land on the front seats.

With the Gislaved Nord Frost Van also demanding customers will be satisfied with security. Because this winter tyres proved to be a powerful companion who provides an absolute steering and braking safety. This is again perfected technology and the sophisticated tread owe that allows, among other excellent ground contact and optimal traction. Even adverse road and weather conditions you are with this model so very safe and extremely comfortable on the road.

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Gislaved Nord Frost VAN - optimum safety thanks to perfected technology

With the Gislaved Nord Frost VAN-known tyre manufacturer from Sweden reiterates a powerful winter tyres on the market, which can be seen with its high performance and numerous good handling truly.

Perfect ground contact and optimal traction

The Gislaved Nord Frost VAN leaves itself by severe frost and extreme winter conditions do not impress. No wonder, can this winter tyres Gislaved yet again come up with a perfected technology, the high degree to satisfy the most demanding customers. So you can benefit as a driver of the optimum traction and perfect ground contact of the Gislaved Nord Frost VAN. In addition, it is ensured that this model completely steerable from the house Gislaved even under adverse weather and road conditions and remains braked safely. In addition, the Gislaved Nord Frost VAN scores with its special tread pattern which is provided with a large number of lamellae. For this reason, a quick and easy draining of water and a lower risk of aquaplaning is ensured in any case.

Gislaved - expertise from the far north

The tyre manufacturer Gislaved counts in his native Sweden for a long time the most popular brands ever. In this country, more and more customers know the high quality and the strong performance of Gislaved tyres to estimate properties that do not decrease even under difficult weather and road conditions. In addition, it worth mentioning the good selection of models that besides models for trucks and cars also includes a wide range of tyres for various special purpose vehicles.

The Gislaved Nord Frost VAN allows thanks to its perfected technology a comprehensive security following the high level of comfort. Even on snow and ice, this tyre proves for the winter as a reliable and stable companion who always distinguished by an absolute steering and braking and by ensuring an efficient water drainage.

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