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Gislaved Comspeed - high security and total convenience

By Gislaved Comspeed has once again proved that the Swedish tyre manufacturer rightly enjoys such a good reputation. This van Pneu scores with its high safety and the utmost comfort, so that hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled.

High mileage and excellent traction

The Gislaved Comspeed is also under demanding conditions of its strong side. For the sophisticated and computer-optimized profile of this makes van tyre for the summer , which can deliver good mileage in all weather conditions. This expresses itself in addition to excellent traction in a high liability, so that one is with the Gislaved Comspeed very safe and stable way. Both on short as well as long-distance riding scores ours Swedish brand also with its high efficiency, which is made possible by the uniform wear and the resulting longer life. Also comfort is neglected due to the low rolling noise and the flexible side walls of Gislaved Comspeed no Zei8t.

Gislaved - quality tyres fabricated, even experts

The Scandinavian tyre manufacturers have a large enough experience with extreme weather conditions. No wonder that the Swedish brand Gislaved is famous for its high quality and reliable models long, which does not leave the driver in demanding applications in the lurch. This is made possible by the intensive research and development work, so that the Gislaved tyre can draw attention to themselves with major product innovations. Even experts show repeatedly convinced that can cut excellently repeatedly in tests of the high mileage and good performance of the models.

By Gislaved Comspeed one purchases a high-quality and continuous strong vans tyres for the summer, which can score in every respect. This is thanks to the many good running properties, which are expressed in addition to comprehensive stability in an optimum efficiency as well as convenience.

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