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General tire, the expert for off-road driving

General tire is a tyre manufacturer with tradition. Founded in 1915 in the USA, the manufacturer is considered an expert for off-road tyres of all types and also manufactures high quality car tyres ago. Careful workmanship and high quality are hallmarks of the brand tyres, are now a leading manufacturer Continental.

The story of General tire

General tire is founded in 1915 as an offshoot of Western tyre & Rubber Company. From the outset, the company focuses on producing high quality tyres for trucks and driving development through ongoing innovation ahead. 1981 starts a collaboration with the German tyre manufacturer Continental, the leaves in the General finished tyre plant in the USA. , In 1987 followed by the acquisition by Continental. Generat tyre sells today in the US and in the European market a variety of tyre models for different vehicles.

General tire scores with forward-looking innovations

The large assortment of Generel tire to summer tyres and winter tyres for cars, see; but the emphasis is on the off-road area. tyres for SUVs and 4x4 tyre for the terrain are still a passion of the group. Summer and winter tyres for trucks and vans round off the range. Even today, the US tyre company are distinguished by their innovative technology: One example is the Snow Grabber , a winter tyre for four-wheel vehicles, which due to its asymmetric tread on slippery and snowy roads a simple start.

General tire is nearly 100 years for quality. Especially off-road drivers know the versatility and performance of the General tire tyres appreciate.

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