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Exact control with General Altimax Sport tyres

By investing in the best available new tyres you are also ensuring safety first motoring enforced with tyre characteristics such as:

  • Exact steering control
  • Responsive driving when cornering, on winding roads
  • Shorter braking distances in dry or wet conditions
  • Cost-effective fuel consumption

The driving satisfaction gained from buying General Altimax Sport tyres includes inestimable security for you, your passengers and other road users. With the inherent tyre capabilities offered by a structured technically advanced silica tread compound, the differences are apparent in improved wet surface performance and the rolling resistance factor.

Advanced technology and General Altimax Sport tyres

When General tyre advance technology is taken into consideration by any motorist there are various factors that combine to make buying General Altimax Sports tyres an investment in the future. For instance, safety features like:

  • A Tyre Replacement monitor
  • Visual Alignment indicator

There are a variety of influences that affect your every day or off-road motoring experiences, including the financial economy aspect. It has been determined that your tyres can influence up to 20-percent of your fuel consumption. Therefore, to gain added miles-per-tank of fuel, it is logical to select tyres that offer a high-fuel-efficiency rating, for example; General Altimax Sporttyres!

Advantages of General Altimax Sport tyres

Reducing your CO2 emissions should also be a concerning factor for any motorist, which takes the point to rolling resistance. This relates to the energy expended when a tyre is moving. Lower is the rolling resistance, then the loss of energy is reduced which also gives you the benefit of reduced fuel usage!

It is a situation subjected to serious research by most tyre manufacturers, with their results shown by products like General Altimax Sport tyres! 

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