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Fulda tyres was founded in 1900, and in 1966 Fulda was bought by Goodyear. Fulda presents an interesting addition to the tyre market. Started in 1900 and having some substantial market presence, Fulda was acquired by Goodyear in the mid 20th century and has since continued to be a brand that is a good choice for consumers. Because of the joint ownership with Goodyear, Fulda tyres are a great tyre for the money. They offer similar designs and construction as a true Goodyear, but because the brand doesn’t have the same marketing power, they don’f have the same price tag as a Goodyear. This makes them a great purchase for someone looking for a tyre that doesn't need to be a brand name, but should provide quality in terms of construction and handling. Some of the Fulda tyre models are listed below.

Fulda tyres for Summer

  • EcoControl HP – This tyre offers a shorter braking distance both wet and dry, lower fuel consumption, longer tread wear
  • Carat Exelero – This tyre offers better wet braking, reduced noise, more reliable handling
  • Carat Attiro – This tyre provides better traction on wet and dry surfaces, good mileage
  • Diadem Linero – This tyre improves resistance to aquaplaning, good tyre wear, and resistance to hyrdoplaning
  • SportControl – This tyre is great for more control on wet surfaces, lower fuel consumption
  • EcoControl – This tyre offers better wet braking, better fuel economy, long tyre wear

Winter tyres

  • Kristall Control HP – This tyre offers enhanced snow grip, better handling
  • Kristall Montero 2 – This tyre has better wet and snow grip, reduced aquaplaning,
  • Kristall Montero 3 – This tyre offers better grip at lower temperatures, enhance traction in snow
  • Kristall Rotego – This tyre has good grip on wet dry and snow, reduced noise, better fuel economy

Fulda tyres for 4X4s and SUVs

  • 4x4 Road – This is a reliable summer tyre with shorter wet braking, quiet comfortable ride
  • Tramp 4x4 H – This tyre provides less risk of aquaplaning, quiet ride
  • Tramp 4x4 Mix – This tyre offers good grip in all conditions, reduced noise

Winter tyres

  • Tramp 4x4 Yukon – This tyre offers shorter braking on winter roads, reliable grip, less chance of aquaplaning
  • Kristall 4x4 – This tyre is helpful for short braking on wet and winter roads, and offers a quiet ride

Fulda tyres for Vans

Summer tyre

  • Conveo Tour – An excellent tyre for better traction on wet roads, more reliable handling

Winter tyre

  • Conveo Trac – A tyre offering less risk to aquaplaning, traction on bet wet and winter roads

Fulda tyres are a great choice for someone in the market for great types at a reasonable cost. The Goodyear name is helpful in construction and profiles.

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