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The Fulda Winter Force points to the drive axle good driving in winter

The Fulda Winter Force was as a winter tyre designed for use on the drive axle of the truck. With reliable traction and good braking behavior of Fulda Winter Force good driveability and increased mileage. Especially good is the Fulda Winter Force with low temperatures and the typical conditions wintry road conditions with rain, snow and ice cope

The Fulda Winter Force is a rugged truck tyre for high mileage

For the construction of high-strength steel cord carcass a used, which increases the stability and to improve the life of the Fulda Winter Force. Due to its robust design is brand tyres good retreadable, which increases its efficiency. An innovatively designed contour ensures even tread wear. A special tread compound supports the traction and good braking performance of the Fulda Winter Force in wet conditions, ice and snow and increases its mileage.

The profile enhances the good traction properties in winter and in wet conditions

With an extremely high density of 3D sipes in the tread, the traction and the braking deceleration of Fulda Winter Force improved even in wintry conditions. The semi-open shoulder tread truck tyre contributes to optimize traction properties especially in wet and snowy roads at. In addition, it improves the self-cleaning capability of Fulda Winter Force, already reduced with very closely spaced grooves to Steineinfang. With good drainage properties, the profile provides in wet conditions for rapid drainage of the tyre footprint, which provides enhanced protection against Aquaplaniggefahren. The enhanced design of the tread blocks improve handling and lateral stability of Fulda Winter Force.

The Fulda Winter Force is a truck tyre , which was designed for use on the drive axle. With its semi-open shoulder, an innovative tread compound and a special grip with the Fulda Winter Force shows on wet and wintry roads his good traction properties particularly impressive.

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